Created in the Kitchen of His Majesty
Victor Emanuel ll, King of Italy


The World's Greatest Pasta Sauce Story

Sonny Genovese comes from a long line of amazing Italian cooks. His great grandmother was the personal cook for the first King of the United Countries of Italy – Victor Emmanuel the Second. Her recipes were passed down through Sonny’s parents, Jenny & Ernesto Genovese, who opened their first restaurant in America in 1947 in Hollywood. All the Genovese children worked, and learned, the family secret recipes. The family loved vacationing in the sleepy beach town of San Clemente, California. Twenty-three years later they would move there and open Ernesto’s Italian Villa where they served family specialties for over 20 years.

In 1980, Sonny decided to venture out on his own to open his fabulous, and now world famous, iconic restaurant appropriately named Sonny’s, in the quaint town of San Clemente the family loves and calls home.

With his meticulous attention to detail, he works seven days a week watching carefully over the recipes that people worldwide have come to enjoy. Today, his daughter Julie, with the help of her children, work tirelessly alongside Dad to guarantee the Genovese legacy lives on to share with all the wonderful people that love Sonny’s tradition of making food “Fit for a King” over the generations. Now you can take the Worlds Greatest Pasta Sauce home to share with your family! Buon Appetito!

Legendary Taste That Brings People Together!

Fresh Ingredients

Genovese Sauce is prepared with 100% organic and fresh ingredients. Because they’re organic, this nutrient rich sauce contains the freshest ingredients, without additives. One taste and you’ll discover it’s an organic sauce like no other – robust and full of flavor!

World’s Greatest Pasta Sauce

“From the Sonny Genovese Family to You – Buon Appetito!”
Our Premium Organic Pasta Sauce has all the delicious sautéed-to-perfection flavor that’s been in our family for decades.

Sauces Fit for a King

We still use the same original recipe today, slow cooked to ensure the robust taste is brought to its peak of flavor. We hand-select only the best 100% Imported Italian tomatoes, fresh herbs, 100% extra virgin olive oil, and other all natural fresh ingredients for our sauces. And that hasn’t changed in more than 100 years.

From Our Family To Yours!

The Sonny Genovese Family

Our Passionate Team Members

Julie Ragenovich

Managing Partner
(Daughter of Sonny Genovese)

Sonny Genovese

Founder Patriarch of La Familia Genovese

Daniel Torla

Partner Marketing Director