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I agree it is the Worlds Greatest Pasta Sauce. Genovese Marinara Sauce is my family's favorite pasta sauce. Thick, rich, flavorful, and consistently delicious, I use it in lots of pasta dishes. It is also a nice pizza sauce and a great dipping sauce for toasted ravioli or mozzarella sticks.
Louisville, KY
I love Genovese Marinara Sauce compared to others I have tried! Stays nice and thick when you heat it up, one that is perfect for all pastas. You don't even need to season the sauce, you can use for so many things.
Springfield, IL
I was intrigued by the story of the sauce being made for the King of Italy, love the traditional recipe of this sauce! It's perfectly blended. I wouldn't make any pasta dish without it! Best sauce EVER!
I exclusively use jarred organic Genovese Marinara Sauce for my pasta sauce because organic tomatoes grow much more slowly than those with chemicals or fertilizer added to the soil, Genovese Marinara Sauce has a much deeper, and in my opinion, a much better flavor.
San Diego
Genovese Marinara Sauce has beautiful texture. My very picky friend never liked my other sauce choices and so I kept trying different brands until Genovese. Won't buy pasta sauce from any other company, because I found the best one!
Nothing offered in my local grocery stores, at any price, compared to the quality and flavor of Genovese Marinara Sauce. No wonder the King of Italy wanted this sauce on his table!